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Award-winning commercial washrooms

We’re an award winning commercial washroom company that’s been keeping the washrooms in offices, retail stores, hotels and restaurants clean and safe for over 10 years.



We believe in providing old-fashioned service

As a business we conduct ourselves with honesty and integrity. Through best value, attention to detail, and friendly personal service, we want to be your facilities partner of choice.



Innovation is at the core of our work

There’s more detail involved in caring for commercial washrooms than you could possibly imagine. We have to choose the right products that are capable of doing the job, while ensuring environmental sustainability, and cost effectiveness.

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Pristine Washrooms products can be found in washrooms in major businesses and university campuses throughout the North West, and all of those products are serviced by us regularly as we know that those businesses rely on us to keep their facilities in top condition.

Our goal at Pristine Washrooms is to ensure that employees in the locations we service can focus on their day jobs in a clean environment without needing to worry about washroom refills, hygiene procedures, and the like.

We want you to feel free and easy as you focus on your business goals, keeping your workplace pristine so you can concentrate on the bigger picture.

We’ve developed a range of services designed to ensure that any facilities we service are always in peak condition. Why not look over what we offer and see how we can make your life a little better?


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You’ll find products from Pristine Washrooms in corporate and academic facilities all through the North West of England and even beyond. More and more firms, looking to equip their premises, are catching on to the quality and affordability of our designs.

Pristine Washrooms has catered to companies in a wide range of industries with very different needs, but one thing remains true no matter what; the products those companies need must be economical, effective, and hard-wearing.

We’ve taken that design philosophy to heart and our business washroom products are all built to last, to do the job – and to blend into any facility’s aesthetic well.
Designed by hygiene experts, our wide range of products makes sure that the perfect solution for your company is available to you.

For your Workplace

Pristine Washrooms work with companies across a wide variety of industries, providing products and services to provide solutions to questions of hygiene. Offices, universities, medical facilities, sports grounds, musical venues, and heavy industry all have very different needs –and an individual business environment will be even more specialised.

It’s not uncommon for a company to come to us first for one thing, solving one problem – but it’s much easier to work with someone who knows you, and to get all of your hygiene issues handled by the same people, people you know and can trust, and so a lot of our clients start using more and more of our relevant services.

Whether you’re already looking for a company to handle all your hygiene needs, you’re shopping around for deals in different areas, or even if you really do just need a new supplier for one product or service, our expert team is ready to help you find what you want.


News and Views

  • A Great Pristine Washrooms win at a Local Manufacturer - Dennison is a leading manufacturer in both the UK and Ireland, dominating the container transport sector. The company is also experiencing significant growth in other markets including the construction, timber, steel and oil industries. We have been working with Dennison at their Nelson Way site in Lancaster since 2015 and following on from Trevor providing a […]
  • Pristine Washrooms are now providing washroom services to the Morecambe Winter Gardens - Pristine Washrooms is pleased to announce that we are now providing washroom services to the Morecambe Winter Gardens & Nikki is looking forward to working with Evelyn Archer, Chairman of The Morecambe Winter Gardens Preservation Trust, & her team as restoration to the building continues.

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